North Korea

North Korea: Balloons with Bibles Banned

Since 2005, The Voice of the Martyrs Korea (previously known as Seoul USA) has used balloons as one of the ways to get Bibles and other Christian materials into North Korea. However, the South Korean government has recently passed a new law that will make it illegal to send anything considered “anti-North Korean material” into what is often referred to as “the Hermit Kingdom.” This ban will take effect in three months, which means violators could face up to three years in prison or 30 million won ($35,000 Canadian) in fines. VOM Canada’s Greg Musselman spoke to Dr. Eric Foley, the CEO of The Voice of the Martyrs Korea, to find out how this new law will affect their ministry into North Korea.

Date: December 2020
Length: 23:00
From: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada