Closer to the Fire

Iran: Bringing God's Light into a Dark and Oppressive Country

For Christians in Iran who convert from Islam, there is not even a semblance of tolerance for their faith. Conversion from Islam to Christianity is illegal in this Middle Eastern nation, and anyone discovered to be a member of a house church can be charged with a crime against national security. Followers of Jesus who are arrested and detained may also be subjected to torture and abuse during imprisonment.
Despite the intense opposition to the Gospel, Iran is considered home to the fastest-growing church in the world. One of the ministries working in this oppressive country is the American-based organization, Iran Alive. This partner of Voice of the Martyrs Canada is witnessing a deep spiritual hunger among the Iranian people, and many are turning to faith in the Lord!

In this episode of Closer to the Fire, host Greg Musselman speaks with Lily Meschi, the Director of Partner Relations for Iran Alive, about the various challenges and opportunities facing Christians in her home country. Lily also shares the story of her journey to Jesus, how she survived a 14-year abusive marriage, and her passion for seeing women in Iran and beyond experience the same freedom she now enjoys in Christ.

Date: July 2024
Length: 45:00

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