Syria: Surviving Multiple Attacks for Converting to Christianity

Nadalla Alrajo grew up in a strict Muslim home in Syria. Longing to escape this strict lifestyle, he went to Lebanon at the age of 14 to live “the party life.” While struggling deeply with depression and preparing to take his own life, Nadalla had a vision of Jesus that left him radically transformed.

However, after Nadalla left Islam to follow Jesus, his father was so upset that he tried to have his son killed. Eventually, Nadalla’s older brother also came to faith in Christ and was tragically killed by his father. Nadalla has since left the Middle East and moved to Canada, where he has planted churches and established an online ministry that is reaching Muslims around the world with the life-transforming message of the Gospel.

Courtesy of 100 Huntley Street:

Date: August 2023
Length: 10:00

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