Bangladesh - Christians Face Pressure Within Their Muslim-Majority Communities

According to Open Doors, Christians in Bangladesh face the greatest pressure within their general communities and private lives. Although Bangladeshi society has traditionally been open to Christianity, the nation is growing increasingly Islamic, with the government doing more to appease concerns from Muslim extremists. Islamic militants in the country pressure all groups of Christians. However, evangelical churches that work among the Muslim majority endure the most persecution.

Closer to the Fire host Greg Musselman is joined by “Robert” (name changed due to security concerns), a Christian ministry worker based in Canada who is providing support to Bangladeshi followers of Jesus and bringing help and hope to the Rohingya people – an ethnic group driven into Bangladesh from Myanmar (also known as Burma). Robert is a trusted ministry partner of The Voice of the Martyrs Canada.

Date: December 2021
Length: 30 minutes

Show Notes
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