Somalia: The Extreme Dangers of Following Jesus
(An Interview with a Somali Christian Leader)

As there are no church buildings in this Muslim-majority nation where it's extremely dangerous to be a Christian, the total number of secret believers remains unknown. Because Islam is a critical part of Somalia’s national identity, Christian converts are likely to be harassed, intimidated, injured, or possibly even killed, by militant members of their family or community. If discovered, followers of Jesus are also at risk of attack by those in allegiance to the al-Shabab terrorist group. Yet, in spite of all these dangers, there are more Somali believers today than ever before.

In this episode of Closer to the Fire, host Greg Musselman is joined by “Jacob,” a Somali Christian leader who is working to equip and train Christians living both inside and outside of this East African nation. Due to security concerns, the identity of this faithful VOMC ministry partner has been concealed for the podcast interview.

Date: November 2021
Length: 41:00
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
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