Nigeria: Bringing Persecution Teaching to Northern Pastors

Nearly all Christians in northeastern Nigeria have lost family members due to the violence perpetrated by terrorist groups like Boko Haram and the region’s militant Fulani Muslims. Since the onslaught of violence began, thousands of followers of Jesus have been killed each year, and entire congregations were subsequently displaced. Remaining active in the church takes great courage and faith, as believers worship and serve Christ openly despite risk of attack.

Recently, Closer to the Fire host Greg Musselman and VOMC’s trusted ministry partner, Stephen Wesley, travelled to Kaduna State to present the Theology of Persecution and Discipleship course to pastors from the Muslim-dominated regions of northern Nigeria. In this episode, Greg and Stephen discuss how these influential Christian leaders were impacted by the teaching. During their conversation, Stephen also reflects on his meeting with two Christian men who suffered the loss of multiple family members because of their faith in Jesus.

Length: 46:30 minutes

Episode Notes

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