Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry is currently undergoing significant changes as we seek to better understand the specific issues facing Christian women persecuted for their active faith and witness. Understanding these issues will allow us to better serve our sisters by giving them the tools they need to follow Jesus faithfully in the midst of conflict. 

In building an international platform of practical support and prayer, we believe we can encourage and minister to Canadian Christian women to live out the implications of Hebrews 13:3.

We offer this document from Open Doors to help you understand more about ongoing persecution, including some gender-specific implications; Gendered Persecution: World Watch List 2018 Analysis and Implications. If you want to know more, call the VOMC office at 1-888-298-6423 or email us with questions.

"Strength to Stand" project

In many countries, the marginalization and isolation of Christian women make them especially vulnerable to persecution. This strategic project seeks to identify and train key women in communities to form local support networks. The goal of these networks is to create socioeconomic, psycho-social and spiritual empowerment. Through communal business development, social support, and spiritual training, the women will be strengthened to face the various, and sometimes unique, forms of persecution in their societies. While being trained to develop their own strategies for financial and social support, they will also be given opportunities to encounter Christ and experience fellowship among His body of believers in refreshing and empowering ways.

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"Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV)" project

In the wake of the 1983 civil war in South Sudan, Christians have since faced an onslaught of terrorism and targeted violence by rebel militia groups, which in some cases, ends in execution.

Today, The Voice of the Martyrs is committed to the equipping and healing of the Sudanese church in the aftermath of the persecution, which has caused physical and spiritual destruction to generations. We are pleased to partner with Lift Up the Vulnerable, a Christian mission agency working in South Sudan to show the heart of Christ for the most vulnerable widows and orphans, by providing housing, literacy programs, medical aid, and discipleship. This vibrant, anti-trafficking network also offers help and hope to victims of rape, ostracization, and persecution. This partnership is vital to the repatriation, freedom, and discipleship of thousands of persecuted women and children.

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