Nigeria: Record-Setting Pace of Violence Against Christians

Nigeria: Record-Setting Pace of Violence Against Christians

Based on stats of the previous year, human rights experts are predicting a record-setting year of violence against Nigeria’s Christians for 2022. The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project recorded a total of 31 attacks on Nigerian churches and Christians throughout 2021. Yet, so far, about halfway through 2022, there have already been more than 23 separate attacks on believers.

The deadly raid on a church in southwestern Nigeria on Pentecost Sunday (see Mission Network News for details), as well as last month’s kidnapping of Samuel Kanu, the head of Nigeria’s Methodist Church, are two incidents that recently captured the world’s attention. Sadly, events like these are all too common.

In this episode of Closer to the Fire, host Greg Musselman discusses concerns over the increasing levels of violence against Christians in Nigeria with Emmanuel Ogebe. Mr. Ogebe, an international human rights lawyer specializing in African issues, currently serves as the Special Counsel of the Justice for Jos Project based in Washington, D.C.

Length: 42:00
Date: June 23, 2022

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