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Coptic Monastary - Photo: Wikipedia / Afanous
Pray that Egyptian Christians will display grace and wisdom in their dealings with their persecutors.

A church in Upper Egypt has been closed indefinitely after a throng of angry militant Muslims perpetrated an attack on April 12th, while more than 200 fearful children looked on. As a result, the building was damaged and three people were injured, including two church leaders. Following the attack, police ordered that the church be closed to avoid further violence.

While physical injuries were minimized, some are concerned about the psychological damage posed to the children who were present. Additionally, with Easter celebrations commencing on April 28th for Coptic Christians, there will likely be no place for these followers of Christ to gather, since this was the only church facility in the area.

The incident appears to be sparked by expansion plans to better accommodate a growing congregation. The day before the attack, the village mayor had angrily complained about the construction, accusing the Christians of "treason" and calling for neighbours to take action against the church. To read reports on other incidents of violence against Christians in Egypt, visit our country report.

Please pray for the healing of those injured in the attack, as well as the emotional well-being of the children who were forced to witness this violence. May any further provocation or attack be prevented, replacing strife and discord with God's love and a spirit of unity between the neighbours of this Egyptian community. Pray that His peace and protection will be upon all who are gathering together on the 28th to remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.