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The Assiut Governate, Egypt - Photo: Wikimedia / Roland Unger
The Assiut Governate, Egypt
Photo: Wikimedia / Roland Unger

On September 25th, Maged Fathi passed away after being beaten the previous day by at least six Muslim militants in a village of the Assiut Governorate. According to a neighbour who witnessed the incident, Maged's son was carrying dead chickens when he accidentally dropped one beside the house of Ebrahim Abo Zaid.

In a rage of anger, Ebrahim grabbed the chicken and hit the boy in the face with it. When Maged came to his son's defense, the perpetrator hit him in the head with a club and then stabbed him. As the beating continued, Ebrahim's son and other men joined in the attack. When Christians began gathering, the attackers then turned on them, injuring five others and damaging vehicles.

According to news sources, Ebrahim had recently returned from Libya where he had been indoctrinated in jihadist ideology. Local Christians had previously heard him urging other Muslims to kill the followers of Christ. Maged's bereaved family is calling on the police to ensure the attackers are held accountable for their crimes.

Maged leaves behind three sons and two daughters. At last report, the situation in the village remains tense. While attacks against Christians are commonplace in Egypt, one villager said this is the first time he is aware of persecution affecting their village. For more information on the challenges facing believers in Egypt, go to our country report.

Remember Maged's grieving family and friends in their time of mourning. As they process this tragic loss of life, may God's abiding comfort and peace be experienced in tangible and meaningful ways. While justice needs to be served judicially, pray that the attackers will come to understand the Gospel of Christ and the forgiveness that's available through His blood. Also pray for needed peace and stability in this village, asking the Lord to work within the hearts of all community members.