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Devastation in Iraq
Some of the devastation from the conflict in Iraq.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

On January 20th, four workers affiliated with the French organization, SOS Chretiens d'Orient, went missing while in Baghdad. Despite repeated attempts to contact them, no response has been received to date. At last report, there have been no ransom demands made nor any further information on their whereabouts.

The workers, whose names are being withheld for security reasons, were experienced and well aware of the dangers they may encounter. They were in Baghdad to renew their visas and permits, as well as monitor the association's operations. Three of the missing workers are of French nationality and one is Iraqi.

SOS Chretiens d'Orient provides humanitarian aid, as well as support for persecuted Christians in the Middle East. For more information on the plight of Christians in Iraq, read our country report.

Please lift up these four missing humanitarian workers in your prayers, asking God to ensure their safety and soon release. Also pray for the protection of other Christians who are seeking to serve Him in Iraq and other dangerous locations of the Middle East. May God's peace come to this devastated war-torn nation -- the peace that derives from a personal relationship with the "Prince of Peace" Himself (Isaiah 9:6).