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Christians continue to experience harassment and violence in various areas of Sri Lanka, according to a November 21 report from the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL).

On October 29, the Assembly of God church in Yakkala faced a mob demanding that the church cease holding services (click here for more details). Despite the threats, the church held services the next week unhindered (click here to read more). However, the following Sunday, November 12, mobs gathered on the roads leading to the church. Anti-Christian posters were put up and over one hundred Buddhist protestors, some armed with clubs, prevented the Christians from attending services. The Christians were threatened and verbally abused as the protestors blocked their way. The pastor called the police, but only two officers arrived and were unable to control the crowd. Re-enforcements were then called and the mob eventually disbursed.

Also on November 12, the Mizpah Prayer Ministry congregation in Nawalapitiya was gathered for worship when a mob disrupted the service and demanded that it stop immediately. The congregation was chased away by the mob, which included twelve Buddhist monks, a member of the local government and two journalists from local newspapers. "We were threatened that if we gathered together for worship again, the building will be flattened," the pastor said. The mob later returned and threatened Christian workers who were still at the church. One was hit with a club and some of the chairs were broken.

On the same day in Anamaduwa, four members of the Prayer Tower church were returning from a funeral service when they were accosted by several men. The Christians were beaten and had stones thrown at them. When the pastor of the church reported the incident to the police, the attackers accused the church of disturbing the neighbours with their loud worship. The pastor countered their accusations by pointing out that all of the neighbours were Christians and that the worship service was only one hour long each week. The attackers promised to not harass the church members again.

Pray that Christians in Ski Lanka will be able to meet together without opposition. Pray their passion will draw others to Jesus (Matthew 5:14-16). Ask God to thwart the attempts of those who seek to intimidate believers through violence, threats and destruction.

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