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Ruins of Basilica of Justinian
Christianity was once a predominant influence in Libya, as seen in the Basilica of Justinian.
Photo: Wikipedia / Hakeem.gadi

Once an active centre of Christianity during the days of the early church, Libya is now known as an epicentre of persecution that's so extreme, there are few believers today remaining in the country. According to some reports, however, the number of Christ-followers is again starting to grow, despite increasing opposition from governmental leaders and families. For more information, go to our country report.

During the first few months of 2022, Libyan authorities arrested several young men under the guise of protecting "Libyan and Islamic values." Responding with apparent duress, these detainees eventually confessed to an alleged contempt for Islam and communicating with foreign organizations. Other believers have reportedly gone into hiding after facing threats on social media.

In one recent incident, a young Christian boy was stabbed by his uncle, surviving only because a friend had swiftly intervened. Following the incident, the boy was forced by his family to practise Islam.

Praise God for reports indicating that more Libyans are coming to faith in Christ. Pray that these new believers will seek His strength to stand firm in the midst of opposition, and that they will receive the right words to say as they respond to accusations and threats. Ask the Lord to also provide help, courage and comfort to the many other Christians who are likewise being oppressed, whether by court officials or members of their own families. May God grant all of His persecuted followers wisdom as they seek to gather together for worship and endeavour to reach out to those around them with the Gospel message.

Country Information

7,017,224 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Berber and Arab (97), other (3)

Religion (%)
Muslim (96.6), Christian (2.7), Buddhist (0.3), Other (0.2) unafilliated (0.2)

Chairman, Presidential Council, Mohammed Al Menfi (2021)

Government type
In transition

Legal system
Libya's post-revolution legal system is in flux and driven by state and non-state entities

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for Libya

Pray that converts to Christianity will stand firm, despite the threats of suffering and death.

Pray that strong and effective Christian resources, including Bibles and other literature, will be available in Libya.

Pray that Libyan Christians will have a strong desire to lead others to faith in the Lord.


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