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Li Xinheng and Lu Ling Lina
Chinese students, Li Xinheng and Lu Ling Lina
Photo: VOM USA

Two Chinese students, whom the Pakistani government accused of "preaching," were kidnapped and killed by members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) in May. The young Chinese nationals, Li Xinheng and Lu Ling Lina, lived in Quetta where they were studying at a local language school with the intent of becoming teachers.

On May 24th, their vehicle was stopped by men dressed as police officers. The students were pulled from their vehicle and forced into another, while a third Chinese student managed to escape. A local man who tried to help the students was shot in the foot. The Pakistani military responded by raiding the militants' hideout and killing 12 of the ISIS fighters. Unfortunately, the two Chinese hostages were already dead by the time of the military's arrival.

Other foreigners living in Pakistan are understandably concerned for their own safety after hearing of this tragic incident. Ironically, so are the many Christian citizens being forced to silence in their homeland of China. These Chinese believers are receiving terrorizing threats for speaking out against the Chinese government's response to the murders. Four of those who did try to speak out have already been detained.

After the Islamic State announced that they had killed the students, a state-run newspaper in China blamed their murders on the young people's "illegal missionary work" and accused the Korean missionaries with whom they were affiliated of encouraging them. Chinese officials also refused to assist the Pakistani military in the rescue attempts or to conduct any of their own.

Thank you for joining us by upholding the families, friends and missionary colleagues of the two slain victims - including the 11 other Chinese students who were sent home as a result of the tragic incident. Ask the Lord to minister great comfort and peace as they grieve this loss, reminding them of the fact that the slain young people are still very much alive spiritually and have now gone on to receive their heavenly rewards. Please also pray for God's protection on behalf of other Christians in Pakistan who are in danger of being targeted and, additionally, for the safety and deliverance of His people in China who are standing up for righteousness.

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Country Information

238,181,034 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Punjabi (44.7), Pashtun [Pathan] (15.4), Sindhi (14.1), Saraiki (8.4) Muhajirs (7.6) Balochi (3.6), Other (6.3)

Religion (%)
Islam (96.5), Other - Christian and Hindu (3.5)

President Arif Alvi (2018)

Government type
Federal parliamentary republic

Legal system
Common law system with Islamic law influence

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for Pakistan

Pray that amendments will be made to Pakistan's existing blasphemy laws so that the country's citizens – including its children – will be protected from injustice and abuse. May our Lord's mercy and justice prevail, not only in the judiciary system but also in the hearts of the country's militants. Ask Him to transform their "hearts of stone" into hearts that are receptive to His love, mercy and the workings of His Holy Spirit – not only for the purpose of protecting the Christian minority but also for the salvation of their own eternal souls.


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