Call to Expel All Christians


Christian baptism - Photo: Mission Network News
Photo: Mission Network News

A video from a Muslim cleric has gone viral in Pakistan, promoting hatred towards Christians and demanding that all of them be thrown out of the country. Referring to the followers of Jesus as "the worst infidels of the universe," the cleric speaking in the video declares that "Christians have no right to live in this Islamic country."

While the video is new, the message is not. The country's constitution refers to religious freedom for all citizens, but the government offers little to no help for religious minorities. Messages such as those contained in the video encourage intolerance which can lead to violence.

Over the years, blasphemy laws have been frequently abused by the accusers, as false allegations against Christians are often used for personal gain and may result in innocent believers unjustly languishing in prison for years or the tragic loss of their lives. To learn more about the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, or to access previously posted reports, go to our country report.

Pray that Pakistan's government officials and military leaders will defend the constitutional rights of Christians and other citizens who are representative of the country's various minority groups. May the antagonistic message contained in the cleric's video fall on deaf ears, so that those who hear it will not be influenced by the strife and hatred that he is instigating. Pray for the protection of Christians who must face such allegations and threats on a daily basis, asking God to give them the grace, wisdom and favour to live peaceably among the people of their communities.

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