Pastor Meets with Imprisoned Zafar Bhatti

Zafar Bhatti
Zafar Bhatti
Photo: Pakistan Christian Post

Zafar Bhatti has been held in prison for 12 years on allegations of blasphemy. Although initially sentenced to life imprisonment in 2017, the Christian man's punishment was changed to include the death penalty in January 2022. During his time in prison, Zafar has faced various health issues. Diagnosed with diabetes, he suffered two minor heart attacks in 2019 and another in 2020. For previously published reports on Zafar's case, go to this page.

On May 2nd, a pastor was able to visit Zafar at the Adyala Prison in Rawalpindi. The visiting Christian leader reported that Zafar's health remains a serious concern. Prison doctors have expressed alarm that his heart function is very poor and there are no further treatment options available. Zafar's wife, Nawab, is also in poor health. Blind in one eye, she has developed cataracts in the other. Although cataract surgery is being arranged, she is currently unable to visit her husband in prison.

The detained believer is continuing to appeal his sentence. While a court hearing had been scheduled for May 2nd, no judge was willing to hear his case. Consequently, the appeal session is currently listed as pending, with no set date. According to supporters of Zafar, the Christian man has a strong case, but judges in Pakistan have been unwilling to hear blasphemy appeals due to intimidation and pressure from the public to hand down convictions, regardless of the evidence. Prison authorities have recommended that Zafar appeal for bail on medical grounds, likely to avoid international scrutiny should his condition worsen in prison.

On behalf of Zafar and his lawyers, pray that God will grant them wisdom and guidance as they consider their next steps. May the Lord also intervene in the hearts of Pakistan's judges, in hopes they will be receptive to the Holy Spirit's promptings so that a successful appeal hearing will soon take place – leading to this long-suffering believer's safe release from prison. Please also pray for the health concerns that both Zafar and his wife are experiencing, asking our Heavenly Father to provide for their medical needs and ultimately grant them divine healing.

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