Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Not all of us are called to die a martyr's
death, but all of us are called to have the
same spirit of self-sacrifice and love to
the very end as these martyrs had."

~ Pastor Richard Wurmbrand
VOM's International Founder

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Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu
Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu

A 25-year-old Christian student at the Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto state, Nigeria, was killed by a mob on May 12th after rumours spread that she had blasphemed against Mohammed on a WhatsApp group chat. The precise nature of her comments is unclear, but it appears that the problem started when Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu expressed exasperation at religious posts being shared by her classmates, asking that the others focus on issues related to their course work. Apparently, Deborah also rejected advances from one of the other students, who later made the blasphemy accusation.

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Anooshavan Avedian
Anooshavan Avedian
Photo: Article18

An Iranian-Armenian Christian leader has been sentenced to ten years in prison for promoting "propaganda contrary to and disturbing to the holy religion of Islam" through the house church he operated in his home. The 60-year-old believer, Anooshavan Avedian, was arrested in August 2020 and released on bail a month later, along with two converts to Christianity.

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Flowers surrounding a poster saying, ''Pray for Sri Lanka''
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Andreas Schwarzkopf (cc)

As the nation of Sri Lanka faces its worst political and economic crisis in recent years, life for the common people has been severely impacted. Anti-government protests have led to a crackdown by authorities, introducing restrictive measures to curb the unrest – including nationwide curfews. Unfortunately, as officials take action, some have contravened the rights of citizens. There are growing concerns that the church will be caught in the middle of the situation and subjected to greater discrimination from the authorities as they enforce the new restrictions. In particular, gatherings such as church services and prayer meetings are at risk of being targeted.

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