Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Lasting reconciliation among
people is possible only when people have
lasting reconciliation with God."
~ Abdu Murraya

India: Pastor Dragged from Meeting and Beaten

Source(s): International Christian Concern, Barnabas Fund

A believer in India studying the Bible. - Photo: VOM Canada

A home prayer meeting was disrupted by Hindu nationalists in the Kanshiram Colony of Uttar Pradesh on July 28th. As some men and women were walking to the meeting, nationalists who recognized them as Christians began to physically and verbally assault them. When they arrived at the home where the prayer meeting was taking place, the harassment continued.

Kazakhstan: Registration Delays

Source(s): Forum 18

Oskemen, Kazakhstan - Photo: Wikipedia / Maonya
Oskemen, Kazakhstan
Photo: Wikipedia / Maonya (cc)

Despite its claimed allegiance to United Nations policies governing freedom of religion, the country of Kazakhstan places significant restrictions on any religious practice. Members of religious groups can only gather if registered, and they can only register if their group consists of at least 50 founding members. Even then, registration is often delayed.

Burma (Myanmar): Christian Villagers Released

Source(s): Radio Free Asia, Christian Post, The Star Online

my khumi girl wiki mridulsa
Please continue to pray for the Khumi people.
Photo: Wikipedia / M. Sangma

Political and religious conflicts are widespread in Burma (also known as Myanmar). The difficulties facing the Muslim Rohingya people have resulted in cries around the world for help and protection. However, there are also lesser-known groups suffering from the atrocities, such as the Chin people who are predominantly Christian. (For more information on the difficulties encountered by Christians in Burma, go to this page.)

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