Christians Positively Respond to Persecution


A church raid in an undated event. - Photo: ChinaAid
One of many church raids in China.
Photo: ChinaAid

Despite ongoing attacks from authorities, members of the Early Rain Covenant Church have continued to preach on the streets. In October, 20 members of the church were detained for street evangelism. Despite the danger, church members gathered together again on November 14th to hand out fliers.

After 10 people were taken away for interrogation, other members of the church gathered together to pray for them, stating: "May the Lord grant the church peace and stamina. May we preach the Word and God's sovereignty in tough and out of season." Thankfully, those detained were eventually released.

Christians also stood firmly in the face of harassment when police raided the Dao'en Church in Jiangsu on November 21st. As officials interrupted the worship service, the gathered believers continued to sing hymns of praise. This is not the first time their church had been raided. On September 7th, the local religious affairs bureau had arrested seven congregants. For more information on the persecution facing Christians in China, please click here.

Please join with these church members in their prayers for strength as they continue reaching out with the Gospel message of peace. May God continue to be worshipped and glorified throughout China, even in times of suffering and persecution. Pray that the officials involved in these raids will have opportunities to reflect on what they witness and hear, leading them to faith in Christ as well.

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