Imprisoned with Serious Health Concerns


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Hu Shigen’s baptism - Photo: ChinaAid
Hu Shigen's baptism.
Photo: ChinaAid

Health concerns are a major issue for two Chinese Christians who have been imprisoned for their faith. Although Hu Shigen was taken into custody in July 2015, he was convicted of "subversion of state power" the following year. A photo of his baptismal ceremony was used as evidence against him, resulting in a sentence consisting of seven-and-a-half years.

While in prison, Hu suffered a heart attack, as well as other health complications. Due to the seriousness of his condition, Hu's family was promised that he would be released on medical parole. Believing that confessing to the accusations would ensure his necessary medical release, Hu pled guilty. However, despite the promise given by authorities, they refuse to release him.

The other infirmed prisoner, Ge Jueping, has been detained without a verdict for three years. Taken into custody in November 2016, as part of a mass arrest of human rights activists in Suzhou, Ge has undergone a trial but not yet received a verdict. His health has since declined severely and includes the diagnosis of cancer. Even though Ge's loved ones have expressed their concerns to officials, no response has been given.

Please intercede on behalf of these two imprisoned believers, and for their concerned family members as well. Ask God to provide each one His peace, strength and encouragement. In addition to Hu and Ge receiving the medical care they so desperately need, pray that the Lord's healing touch will be upon them both -- providing these Christian prisoners renewed health and hope. In the meantime, may the authorities be willing to not only allow them medical leave but also complete vindication from all charges and accusations.

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