Persistent Harassment Against Church Deacons

Ding Shuqi and Jia Xuewei
Jia Xuewei (right) with his friend, Ding Shuqi
Photo: ChinaAid

In 2018, the Early Rain Covenant Church was violently raided by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities, resulting in multiple arrests. Since then, members of the church have continued to face harassment, including a church deacon named Jia Xuewei. Click here for previous reports on Jia's situation.

The Christian leader has been detained, beaten and expelled from his home several times. In the most recent incident, police began to harass Jia and his landlord almost immediately after the believer began renting a residence in Chengdu. Less than ten days after moving into the home, Jia was evicted because of pressure from the police.

Another deacon of the church, Zeng Qingtao, has also been subjected to constant monitoring by CCP officials. He is not allowed to leave his apartment; and when his wife Deng goes grocery shopping, she is escorted by a police car. On May 24th, Deng posted a video of four young men sitting on stools outside the door of their home, blocking the hallway. When she asked the men to move aside in order to avoid obstructing the passageway, the men haughtily responded that they are simply performing their duty.

The persecution against Jia and Zeng began immediately after both believers were elected as deacons of the Early Rain Covenant Church in 2022. In a letter calling for prayer, their church members are asking that the Lord will give these men calm and peaceful hearts in the midst of their difficulties. For other reports addressing the persecution of followers of Jesus in China, go to our country report.

Please join us in praying with the members of the Early Rain Covenant Church, asking God to sustain, strengthen and comfort these two Christian men and their families through the ministry of His Holy Spirit. As a result, may they exhibit the fruit of the Spirit through their daily lives (Galatians 5:22-23), and thus continue to honour the Lord by serving as vibrant testimonies of His love, gentleness and peace to all who oppose and/or have been ordered to monitor them. Pray that the demonstration of these believers' faithful witness will be a catalyst of the hope, salvation and transformation that's readily available through faith in Jesus Christ. Additionally, continue to pray for the safe release of Christians throughout China who are presently imprisoned, including Pastor Wang Yi.

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    The Voice of the Martyrs Canada continues to help distribute Bibles to Christians in the country, making it possible for them to have their own printed version of God's Word. Additionally, VOMC works with various mission partners to facilitate a Biblical understanding of persecution and discipleship, while presenting ways to effectively respond and minister within the context of hostility.

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  • Pray for China

    Pray that the Gospel will be proclaimed throughout China without government interference so many more names can be added to the Lamb's "Book of Life." May there also be a spirit of unity demonstrated among the country's growing churches, further strengthening existing believers and spurring them on in their ministry service and evangelistic outreach within the country's numerous communities.

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