Prayer Meeting Attacked; Twenty Injured


Church in India - Photo: Morning Star News
Pray that India's Christians will continue to meet and encourage one another.
Photo: Morning Star News

Twenty Christians were seriously injured after a mob stormed the prayer meeting they attended. According to local reports, more than 150 believers were gathered together on July 2nd when 25 Hindu villagers attacked them, beating them with wooden rods. When the mayhem finally concluded, 20 Christians were severely injured; some with broken bones. Ten motorcycles were also damaged, along with furniture and musical instruments.

Following the assault, the village leader filed multiple false criminal charges against six of the Christians. One of those accused, Gautam, stated that they were charged under the anti-conversion legislation, even though there were no attempts made in terms of conversion. "We peacefully conduct prayers every Monday and people voluntarily attend these prayers," he added.

Please pray for healing on behalf of all those who were injured in this recent attack. Ask the Lord for His provision for the church and its members in their endeavours to replace what was destroyed. Also pray that the charges will be dropped against the falsely accused Christians, and that the Godly conduct and attitude demonstrated by the church members will serve as a bright light for the other villagers, showing them the way to faith in Christ.