• Blasphemy Conviction for Online Posts
    Furniture and possessions are strewn on a street. Some of them are burning.
    The riots in 2023.
    Photo: Morning Star News

    In August 2023, the Christian colony of Jaranwala was filled with violence after allegations of blasphemy were made against two brothers. During the rampage, as many as 400 homes and 26 church buildings were damaged or destroyed. For more details, and to view video footage of the attacks, see this page.

  • Christian Falsely Accused of Blasphemy Succumbs to Injuries
    A fire is burning in the street. People are milling about in the background. Nazir Masih's photo is also in a corner of the image.
    Angered mob members burned
    Nazir Masih's belongings in the street.
    Photos: ECSPE

    On May 25th, an angry mob rampaged through a Christian community in Sargodha, Punjab, instigated by false allegations that a 74-year-old Christian man named Nazir Masih had burned pages of the Quran. For more details on the attack, see this report. With deep sorrow, we regret to announce that Nazir succumbed to his injuries just after midnight on June 3rd.

  • Deadly Market Attack
    Bandits in Nigeria are carrying various types of weaponry. All have their faces covered.
    Bandits in Nigeria
    Photo: Voice of America

    As Nigerians were celebrating their national Democracy Day on May 29th, gunmen opened fire on the Maro Junction Market which happens to be located within a predominantly Christian community of Kaduna State. Reports state that as many as 12 people were killed and 20 others injured.

  • Allegations Lead to Mob Violence
    A fire is burning in the street. People are milling about in the background.
    Angered mob members burned
    Nazir Masih's belongings in the street.
    Photo: ECSPE

    An angry mob consisting of hundreds of people rampaged through a Christian community in Sargodha, Punjab, on May 25th. Thankfully, police were able to disperse the crowd with tear gas and rescue at least two Christian families whose homes had been surrounded. However, significant damages took place during the mob attack, and 74-year-old Nazir Masih was left with life-threatening injuries. Stirred up by Islamic clerics who accused Nazir of blasphemy, the mob ransacked and burned the Christian man's home and shoemaking business. The crowd also attacked other Christians in the community and threw stones at responding police, injuring at least ten officers.

  • Over 100 Christians Forced from Their Homes
    A white church building is surrounded by trees with a hillside in the background.
    A church building in Hidalgo.
    Photo: Wikimedia / Frankms (cc)

    For several years, community leaders in the villages of Coamila and Rancho Nuevo, which are both located within the state of Hidalgo, have been inciting trouble for members of the Great Commission Baptist Church – pressuring them to participate in festivals that go against their beliefs. In December 2022, one of the non-compliant members was admitted to hospital after being tied to a tree and beaten. Additionally, since 2018, the children of church members in these villages have been banned from attending school.

  • Two Women Injured in Attack on Prayer Meeting
    Trees surround a church building behind an open gate. There are colourful flags on either side of the gate.
    A church building in Indonesia.
    Photo: Wikimedia / F-GSPY (cc)

    Two young women were slightly wounded when a mob attacked a Catholic prayer meeting on May 5th in the city of Tangerang, Banten Province. The group meeting, which consisted of 15 Catholic students who had gathered in a home for prayer, was disrupted when armed assailants forced their way into the residence, injuring two females during the intrusion. Some concerned local Muslims attempted to defend the students, with one of them sustaining a minor cut from the attack.

  • Violence Continues Unabated
    A congregation in Nigeria
    A Nigerian church service.
    Photo: Flickr / SIM USA (cc)

    In areas throughout Nigeria, violence has continued relentlessly, disproportionately affecting the Christian population. Those responsible for the brutality are generally members of Islamic terrorist groups such as Boko Haram or the nomadic Fulani herdsmen. While attacks perpetrated by the herdsmen often stem from conflicts over their free-ranging cattle, the accompanying violence also commonly involves a religious element, as militant members of the predominantly Muslim group specifically target Christians and churches. Within the past month, multiple attacks have occurred in at least four different Nigerian states. (For previously published reports on the suffering of Nigeria's Christians, go to our country report.)

  • Christian Homes and Businesses Burned
    A water truck is working to douse a fire.

    Late into the evening of April 23rd, Islamic militants set fire to several homes and shops owned by Coptic Orthodox Christians in the village of Al-Fawakher, which is located in Egypt's southern Minya province. Although the attackers attempted to prevent the occupants from leaving their burning homes, thankfully there were no reported fatalities.

  • Land Dispute Escalates to Violence
    A group of people - including police - is gathered around the hospital beds of people being treated for their injuries.
    Members of the Janwada Methodist
    church receiving treatment in hospital.
    Photo: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

    For several years, villagers in Janwada, which is located within India's Telangana State, have been demanding that a road in their community be widened. On February 13th, workers moved into the area to start construction. However, it was discovered during the building process that the construction had encroached by several feet onto the property belonging to the community's Methodist Church, which had existed there for 50 years.

  • Priest Fatally Tortured; Others Facing Deportation
    A large monastery with gold domesis set in a wooded area.
    An "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" monestary.
    Photo: Wikipedia / Rbrechko (cc)

    Members of the Russian occupation forces seized Father Stepan Podolchak on February 13th. The Christian leader had been serving as the abbot of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Kalanchak, a village located within the Russian-occupied Kherson Region. Taking him away with a bag over his head, the soldiers insisted that he go with them for questioning. Two days later, Father Stepan's battered body was found on the village street. Some reports state that he had also suffered a bullet wound to the head.