Almost a Hundred Killed in Fulani Raids


ng felix tyolaha msn
The Rev. Felix Tyolaha,
one of the church leaders
slain during recent attacks.
Photo: Morning Star News
via Diocese of Makurdi

Several recent attacks by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria's "Middle Belt" have resulted in at least 93 fatalities. The violence against Christians has sparked outrage in Nigeria and throughout the world, calling for more action to curb the ongoing violence and resulting tragic loss.

On April 24th, a mob of gunmen attacked a church in the village of Ayar-Mbalom during an early morning service. Two church leaders and 17 congregants were shot dead. The attack has been condemned by Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari, who calls the attack an effort to exacerbate sectarian divisions and violence.

In previous raids, which took place during the middle of the night, 25 Christians were killed in Anyiin village on April 19th, and a further 10 in Saghev village on April 20th. Numerous homes and businesses owned by Christians were burned to the ground at the time of the attacks.

The largest attack in recent days has resulted in the loss of at least 39 people in three different villages on April 25th, and the burning of 160 homes. All the victims were members of various churches in the communities.

Christians throughout Nigeria have been staging protests, claiming that President Buhari is not doing enough to protect them from the violence. In light of the unabated killings, the Catholic Bishop's Conference of Nigeria is calling for Buhari's resignation. In a face-to-face meeting at the White House on April 30th, U.S. President Trump told President Buhari that something must be done, stressing "we cannot allow" the continuous murder of Christians. It has been noted that Buhari, himself, is the son of a Fulani chief. Reports on previous incidents are available here.

Please bring the Christians in Nigeria before God's throne of grace. Pray that He will mightily intervene, providing the Nigerian authorities an effective proactive strategy that will help put an end to the violence. Also remember those who have been injured, the families and friends of those killed, and the many other victims who are now struggling to survive without a home or place of business.

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