Wife of Nazir Masih Dies of a Heart Attack

Naseem and Nazir
Naseem and Nazir
Photo: Morning Star News

In May, shocking images of mob violence were revealed after 74-year-old Nazir Masih was falsely accused of burning pages from the Quran. The elderly Christian man was fatally wounded during the resulting mob violence, which also led to the destruction of his shoemaking business, along with several attacks against other Christians. Further details on the violent rampage are available here.

Following this tragic incident, Nazir's wife Naseem was left devastated, struggling to overcome the trauma of seeing her husband brutally beaten by his attackers. Her son Sultan says, "The tears in her eyes never dried." When bail was granted to the perpetrators responsible for the attack, the Christian widow's agony was further intensified.

On Friday, June 21st, Naseem began experiencing chest pains. An ambulance was called for the Christian woman, and the paramedics stated that her symptoms were likely due to stress. Since it was time for Friday's Islamic prayers, they told the family that no senior doctor would be available to look at her, so they gave her medication and left. When Naseem's condition did not stabilize, her family took her to the hospital where she died of cardiac arrest. The Christian woman has been buried next to her husband.

For the family members who are now mourning the loss of both Nazir and Naseem, tensions remain high. Many are fearful whenever they go into public spaces, concerned that they may be followed and potentially attacked. Speaking of the pain they are experiencing, Sultan states: "Our lives have been completely shattered. All family members – including children – are suffering from depression and stress. We have lost our business and are forced to live in our own house as refugees.... We've already lost hope for justice, and now my mother has left us."

Prayerfully remember this suffering family as they come to terms with the heartbreaking loss of Nazir and, more recently, now Naseem. As they determine what future steps to take, may God give these believers divine protection, greatly needed emotional healing, encouragement and strength, as well as provision for their financial and practical needs. Pray that justice will prevail in the case involving Nazir's passing, despite the tainted investigation, bringing this family a sense of peace and closure.

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