Christian Convert Threatened by Islamic Militant


Pastor Paul Cinaraj
Photo from
Salem Voice Ministries
On December 14, a Christian convert from Islam in Kerala State, Pastor Paul Ciniraj Mohammed, was threatened by a man claiming to be the leader of an Islamic militant group. According to a December 18 report from Compass Direct, the militant telephoned Pastor Ciniraj and said, "Start counting your days, as we will kill you in a few days time." He also mentioned Bashir Tantray, the prominent Christian worker who was killed by Islamic militants last month (click here for the story). Ciniraj fears that the threats are coming from the same group that killed Tantray since his death was not widely reported by local media.

Pastor Ciniraj, who is the head of Salem Voice Ministries, survived an attempt on his life on March 16, 2006 (click here for more details) and has faced several threats and attacks for his evangelistic work.

Ask God to keep Ciniraj safe from harm. Pray that, despite these threats, he will not be fearful but trust God (Revelation 2:10). Ask God to allow the work of Salem Voice Ministries to continue on unhindered.

For more information on the persecution of Christians in India, click here. A series of videos on persecution in India was recently added to VOMC's multimedia website,

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