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Silhouette of a woman, prison bars

In July 2021, Fariba Dalir was arrested along with five other Christian converts, including her husband-to-be, Soroush. While awaiting trial, all six believers were ultimately released on bail – Fariba on November 18th and the others in October. While out on bail, Fariba and Soroush were married.

On December 4th, the courts convicted Fariba to five years in prison for "acting against national security by establishing and leading an evangelical Christian church." Soroush and three others were sentenced to ten months in prison for their membership with the church. Thankfully, Fariba's sentence was later reduced to two years and the others were released with a fine due to the prison time they had by then already served.

On April 16th, Fariba turned herself in to the authorities at Tehran's notorious Evin Prison to begin her two-year sentence. This prison is infamous for the mistreatment of inmates by guards and other prisoners. For more information on the persecution of Christians in Iran, and/or to review previous reports, go to our country report.

Please uphold Fariba in your prayers as she begins serving the amended sentence time in custody. Pray that the Lord will provide her ongoing protection and encouragement, along with the assurance of His abiding presence. Also prayerfully lift up Soroush during the couple's difficult time of separation, as well as other family members and friends who are trying to support Fariba from outside the prison. Continue to remember the many other Iranian Christians who are presently imprisoned for their faith in Jesus.