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A public school teacher has been sentenced to forty months in prison and 750 lashes for "mocking religion" after he discussed the Bible and allegedly praised Jews. The Al-Madina newspaper reported on November 13 that Mohammad al-Harbi was taken to court by his colleagues and students where he was accused of, and charged with, promoting a "dubious ideology, mocking religion, saying the Jews were right, discussing the Gospel and preventing students from leaving class to wash for prayer." Al-Harbi intends to appeal the verdict.

This is one of the many incidents of blatant disregard for any religious freedom in Saudi Arabia. The U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom has called Saudi Arabia with world's worst violator of religious liberties. The country's laws forbid the public practice of any religion other than the strict Wahhabi form of Islam. Included in this week's weblog is a guest editorial by Dennis Prager, entitled, "Five Questions Non-Muslims Would Like Answered." To read his editorial, click here.

Pray that Al-Harbi’s appeal will be successful. Thank God for the courage demonstrated by this teacher. Pray that God will work miraculously to bring about freedom of belief and expression in Saudi Arabia. Pray that the Holy Spirit will penetrate the hearts of people in Saudi Arabia and that they will turn to Him regardless of extreme pressure to acquiesce to the one accepted religion.

For more information on the persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia, click here.

(Source: The Washington Times)

Country Information

34,783,757 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Arab (90), Afro-Asian (10)

Religion (%)
Islam (official: 100)

King and Prime Minister Salman bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud (2015)

Government type
Absolute monarchy

Legal system
Islamic (sharia) legal system with some elements of Egyptian, French, and customary law; note - several secular codes have been introduced; commercial disputes handled by special committees

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for Saudi Arabia

Please uphold the Christians of Saudi Arabia, who must secretly serve God in a country where intolerance and violence pose threats to their freedom of worship and personal belief in our Lord Jesus. May He personally take up their cause, working out His very best plans for their lives and future ( Jeremiah 29:11). Pray that He will touch the hearts of the country's authorities – and many others in Saudi Arabia and its surrounding nations – through the Internet and VOMC's evangelistic radio broadcast so that they may experience His wonderful plan of salvation as well.


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