• Country Information

    10,985,974 (2023 est.)

    Ethnicity (%)
    White (64.1), Mullato or mixed (26.6), Black (9.3)

    Religion (%)
    Christian (58.9), folk religion (17.6), none (23.2)

    President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez (since 2018)

    Government type
    Communist state

    Legal system
    Civil law system based on Spanish civil code

    Source: CIA World Factbook

  • Pray for Cuba

    Ask God to provide wisdom to Cuba's church leaders, specifically requesting that they will exemplify grace toward all governmental authorities  while remaining bold in their presentation of the Gospel.

    Pray for the salvation of the current governmental leader, Raúl Castro, as well as those who work under his leadership.

    Pray that the believers of this country will not fear government reprisal but live in unconditional surrender to the Lordship of Christ.

Cuba News

  • Pastors Detained for Organizing Religious Freedom Conferences
    Alejandro Hernandez Cepero
    Pastor Alejandro Hernández Cepero
    Photo: CSW UK

    In the early hours of October 31st, Alejandro Hernández Cepero, who serves as the pastor of an independent church in Cuba, was taken from his home by state security officers and detained. Another pastor, Luis Eugenio Maldonado Calvo, had been summoned to appear before the authorities that same day, and was subsequently also taken into custody.

  • House Church Denied Reopening
    Amparo Gallo's congregation - Photo: VOM USA
    Amparo Gallo's congregation (before pandemic restrictions).
    Photo: VOM USA

    Following an ease of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Cuban government announced that churches could begin meeting again in person as of Sunday, October 10th. However, two days before the restrictions were scheduled to be lifted, a house church led by Amparo Gallo received word that they would not be allowed to meet. The house church, located in the city of Santa Clara, presently has approximately 1,000 members.

  • Church Building Destroyed
    Assembies of God church - Photo: VOM Australia
    The demolished church.


    In the early morning of October 30th, authorities arrived with equipment and began demolishing the Assemblies of God church in Santiago de Cuba. The church, led by Pastor Faustino (Fausto) Palomo Cabrera, belongs to a legally recognized denomination.

  • Released from Detention
    Ricardo Fernandez Izaguirre - Photo: Facebook / Ricardo Fernandez Izaguirre
    Ricardo Fernandez Izaguirre
    Photo: Facebook /
    Ricardo Fernandez Izaguirre

    Ricardo Fernandez Izaguirre, an independent journalist and religious freedom advocate, was detained on July 12th, at the same time various religious leaders were being blocked from leaving the country to attend meetings in Washington on religious freedom. (See our previously posted report.)

    On July 19th, the day after the symposium in Washington was finished, Richardo was thankfully released. "I was freed without any explanation -- just as they had arrested me," he announced with relief over the outcome.