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    In these countries, Christians encounter varying degrees of repetitive, persistent and systematic suffering, and deprival of basic human rights, because of their faith in Jesus Christ -- a belief their persecutors will not tolerate.

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    • Ministry Partner Arrested (Belarus) 2021-07-22

      Ivan and his wife Maria lead a ministry training centre in Belarus. On July 9th, Maria was suddenly arrested after government agents travelling in black vans arrived at their home and took her away. At last report, no formal charges have been laid, and her husband and children do not know her...

    • Three Churches Sealed for Closure (Algeria) 2021-07-22

      Authorities have placed a seal over this church lock,and many others in the country.Photo: World Watch Monitor On July 7th, three more church buildings were sealed by Algerian authorities. These recent closures are part of the government's campaign, which was launched in 2017, to shut down...

    • Memorial Service Raided (China) 2021-07-22

      Before and after the Christian symbols were removed.Photo: ChinaAid In Guiyang City, a Christian memorial service was being prepared at a local funeral home when government officials raided the venue. Any item of a religious nature was removed, and officials demanded that there be no prayer,...

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    Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

    This unique podcast from The Voice of the Martyrs Canada focusses on the persecuted church around the world. While raising awareness of global persecution through updated reports, testimonies of Christians who are suffering for their faith in Jesus, and interviews with those who are serving them, it also presents opportunities to pray for persecuted believers and their families.

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