Closer to the Fire

Afghanistan: Christians Face Even More Opposition

For Afghan followers of Jesus, persecution was a reality even before the Taliban returned to power. Radical Islam and violent political activity make the nation a dangerous place for Christians to live. To convert from Islam to Christianity can result in harsh consequences, even martyrdom, and yet thousands have decided to follow Christ.

In this episode of the Closer to the Fire podcast, host Greg Musselman and the CEO of The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Floyd Brobbel, are joined by John Weaver, a longtime humanitarian relief worker in Afghanistan. This dedicated Christian worker, who has lived in the Central Asian country with his wife and children for more than 20 years, discusses the current heartbreaking situation and explains what we can do to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

Date: September 2021
Length: 36 minutes

Show Notes
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Phone: (905) 670-9721

To purchase John Weaver’s books:
Inside Afghanistan
A Flame on the Front Line
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