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Syria: Christians Continue to Face an Uncertain Future

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, recently described the war in Syria as a humanitarian nightmare for the long-suffering Syrian people and urgently called for a solution to the conflict. While the true number of lives lost may never be known, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have died since 2011.

The UN estimates that over six million surviving Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries and overseas nations, including Canada, and that more than seven million refugees are internally displaced. Christians remaining in this war-torn country are vulnerable to attacks from militant Islamic groups like ISIS and must also face the ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by the war and sanctions.

Fayez Youssef, who serves as a pastor and evangelist in the Middle East/North African region, is working to bring practical help and encouragement into Syria. In this latest episode of Closer to the Fire, podcast host Greg Musselman interviews Pastor Fayez of Cairo, Egypt, about the challenges facing followers of Jesus in Syria and other countries of the Middle East.

Date: February 2023
Length: 35:00

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