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The Power of Radio: Broadcasting the Gospel to the Persecuted and Unreached

There are over 6,000 people groups in today’s world that consist of a total population representing Christianity by less than two percent. When it comes to hearing the Gospel, approximately 60 percent of these groups is considered “unreached,” for the people live in countries where it’s extremely difficult for evangelical missionaries to enter. Followers of Jesus within these regions are often persecuted for their faith and, as a result, feel isolated from others in their communities.

Thankfully, the message of God’s love – together with the encouragement of fellow Christians – is now being provided to isolated believers and those in need of salvation through radio broadcasts and the provision of audio Bibles.

Tim Whitehead, who serves as the Executive Director of Galcom Canada, joins Closer to the Fire host Greg Musselman to talk about the importance of bringing the Gospel into restricted and dangerous places through radio broadcasts, and why The Voice of the Martyrs Canada is one of Galcom’s key ministry partners.

Date: November 2022
Length: 34 minutes

Show Notes
Galcom International – Canada
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

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