Closer to the Fire

Afghanistan: Christians Under Taliban Rule

What does the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan mean for the small but growing church in this troubled nation? According to a recently announced declaration by the militant Islamic group, the country will now follow a strict version of Sharia law, in which Christian converts are considered "apostates" – a crime punishable by death. Even before the Taliban overthrew the government, Afghan followers of Jesus were already extremely vulnerable to persecution and routinely faced dire consequences for their faith.

VOMC's Greg Musselman is joined by Afghan-Canadian Shoaib Ebadi, the Executive Director of Square One World Media, to discuss the tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan and the increased challenges facing Christians in the days ahead. Shoaib also shares his concerns about the safety of his family remaining in Afghanistan, as well as the uncertain future for women and girls who are forced to adhere to Taliban rule.

Length: 36:30

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Square One World Media
Pamir Ministries
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

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