Pakistan: Christians Constantly at Risk

Pakistan's notorious blasphemy laws place Christians at constant risk of being falsely accused of speaking against Islam, the Quran or Mohammed – resulting in harsh punishments when accused believers are convicted and death threats if they aren’t. A quarter of all blasphemy accusations in Pakistan target Christians, who make up only 1.8 percent of the population. The number of blasphemy cases is increasing, as is the number of Christian girls being abducted, abused and forcibly converted to Islam. 

Asher John is a human rights journalist based in Pakistan who serves as the founder of the digital media platform, Kross Konnection. For this podcast, he joins Greg Musselman to discuss how the country’s blasphemy laws are being used against vulnerable minorities, including followers of Jesus. Asher also addresses the ongoing persecution of Christian women and girls in Pakistan, emphasizing the vital work of advocates who are trying to bring these vulnerable victims of kidnapping safely home to their families.

Date: April 28, 2023
Length: 58:00

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